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Homicide & Assault

Defense Against the Most Serious of Charges

I'm Ronald A. Smith, and if you're reading this page because you've been arrested for homicide, assault, or believe you may be a suspect in a murder or assault investigation, please don't wait to bring someone in who is on your side. If you're the subject of a police investigation for assault or murder, you have to understand that the police are not your friends. They aren't simply curious when they ask you questions, and they're not looking for a reason to clear you. The police have a job to: build a plausible case against a criminal defendant that prosecutors can take into a court room and win.

Don't waste a moment--get help now!

If police want to question you as part of a criminal investigation for assault or murder, call Philadelphia Criminal Attorney Ronald A. Smith today at 215-567-1200. I'll stand beside you all the way, including:

  • Police "interviews," which are actually interrogations
  • Counseling you in the event of any media exposure
  • Ensuring police requests for evidence like DNA is fully adjudicated
  • All the way to trial, if need be

Your future is too important to risk this. Call 215-567-1200 for help today.

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