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Criminal Law Practice

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Charged with a crime? Don't panic--and don't wait to get help. The police and prosecutors will be busy trying to scare you while they build their case. Your best bet is to hire an experienced Philadelphia criminal lawyer who can build your case and push back against the charges you're facing.

Help for All Types of Criminal Charges

At the criminal law practice of Ronald A. Smith, I've helped men and women just like you resolve their criminal charges in Philadelphia for more than 35 years. Here are some practice areas I can help with:

  • Drug Crime & DUI: If you've failed a Breathalyzer or been charged with a drug crime like possession, you may feel like the case is pretty much made, but you'd be wrong. My practice examines the totality of evidence so we can pull the prosecution's case apart piece by piece.
  • Theft & Robbery: I've defended theft and robbery cases for decades, and I know where the police tend to overstate things and where prosecutors hide the flaws in their cases. Trust me to highlight every weakness in pursuit of the best outcome in your case.
  • Homicide & Assault: Homicide is the most serious crime charged at the state level, and if you've been charged with or believe you are the subject of an investigation into homicide, you need help right away. Never talk to the police in these serious situations without legal representation!
  • Sexual Assault: Sex crimes are another area where it's vital that you not talk to the police without a lawyer. Every day, I talk to good people who just want to tell their side of the story, but all that ends up doing is confirming information that the police were given in the statement against you.

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