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Often when I speak to a potential client and find out the specifics of his or her case, I inform my future client that there is 3 areas that they should look for in a criminal lawyer before they hire him.

The 1st important question is what is the lawyers experience. Is he competent? Has he litigated this type of case before? Has he been successful? Is he ethical? The 2nd area is the lawyers fee. Is he affordable? Will he work with the client with the fee? Does he have a reasonable payment plan, if necessary? The 3rd area is what I refer to as comfortability. Does the client feel comfortable with the lawyer? Does he return telephone calls? Will he personally handle the case or turn it over to an associate with less experience?

My answers to the questions are quite simple. I have been litigating criminal cases for over 35 years. I know what I am doing and my competence and ethics have never been questioned. My results are very good and I fear no district attorney. Regarding my legal fees. They are very fair and competitive. I have payment plans for trial and I do my best to work with people to make the fee something they can live with. As to the last area, I have a busy law practice, but I make it a point to return telephone calls.. I personally handle each and every case. I do not refer your case to a less experienced associate.

Hopefully, you will read this message and look to have a lawyer who is experienced, competent with excellent results over the years. A lawyer who you can afford and one that you will feel comfortable with over the course of your case.